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More energy-saving more environmental protection considers region small fact of

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[The home of the car guides buy] east wind this Tian Sai region is our already hep model, and also have good sales volume in home market, and the promotion as mixture power concept, exhibit in the Guangzhou car last year November on, this Tian Youzheng type rolled out edition of a mixture motivation formally to consider region to chinese mainland market, carried the Hybrid with this newest cropland to mix dynamical system, and be use truckload the travel of the entrance enters home market.

Thinking of region to mix dynamical edition is developed over the base that considers region in common edition, maintain basically on automobile body structure and design all the time, still differ somewhat in respect of a few detail nevertheless, so below we explain to mix dynamical edition to thought of region to undertake what alter to everybody.

The exterior: Without scuttle, hub style has change

This cropland thinks of the domestic east wind of the car region edition of 1.3 mixture motivation

Above all we will see exterior side, whole is designed or maintained original the model pattern that considers region, but mixture motivation edition thinks of region take out in before common edition thinks of the dynamoelectric scuttle that deploys on region model, be a configuration to go up simplify, and after careful observation we discover, lateral of automobile body of common edition model turned to the lamp to also be omited before, and my individual thinks this configuration is helpful still to security, it is really not should take out.

This cropland thinks of the domestic east wind of the car region edition of 1.3 mixture motivation

Nevertheless mixture motivation edition thinks of region to be added in car rear installed a little trouble to flow board, although move force sex to won't have too big effect to air, but go up from the exterior two look to want to appear than common edition really more motion a few.

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