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Fact of happy edition of interest of swift of completely black interior trim pat

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[The fact of domestic new car of the car is patted] before the message says, chang'an bell wood exhibits the Chengdu car that will kick off on September 20 on showpiece 3 new cars, include the model of edition of autumn set limit to of a swift among them, model of edition of set limit to of this swift autumn also is the 4th set limit to that Chang'an bell wood rolls out edition swift. And before Chengdu car spreads out act, the home of our car filmed solely model of swift of edition of this autumn set limit to, and what does this car have to distinguish with the swift of cash after all? We look together.

The official name that is informed swift of edition of this autumn set limit to through understanding us is: Swift·Strong happy edition, because the automobile body color of this car introduced swift model,calling autumn edition of set limit to is those who do not have is orange. And this car is in cash swift 1.5L exceeds dazzle to be transformed on the foundation of edition and come, this also is the model that swift of edition of set limit to rolls out 1.5L first.

"Swift interest happy edition besides automobile body color like model of cash swift 1.5L "

Look from the front, you can discover the forehead of this car enters gas grille and cash 1.5L model to differ, and style of such the grille that take energy of life is like 1.3L model. Such altering also let swift of strong happy edition return to fashionable and lovely course, the horizontal buy type because of cash 1.5L model lets 1.5L swift appear into gas grille some aggression feeling, let a person feel so not lovely.

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