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Cruel fact of edition of elegance and talent of Ni Di EX35 pats the beetle-crush

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" the domestic fact of the car is patted " knowing is from when to begin, we knew Cross this concept, from now on later each old car manufacturer rolls out different Cross style model in succession, can't help making us dazzling. As well-known luxurious trademark, yingfeinidi won't ignore this cake for certain, from the market of FX echo can see, yingfeinidi is very popular still.

Yingfeinidi's EX35, just appear on the market before long before, let me introduce the mixture system of this Coupe and SUV for you today. Can say to arrive from BMW X6 EX35, this kind mixes the design pattern that build still is very of be popular. This car that introduces today, the gene of SUV transplanting arrived on Coupe racing bike, manufacturer is to give its to name more for “Luxury Crossover Coupe” , we also are in brought for you for a short while try drive an article, overall for, pretty good still to the evaluation of this car.

Appearance design has distinguishing feature, CROSS style is very outstanding

The first look very can direct realize this is a Yingfeinidi, facial design contains apparent familial feature before, the modelling of the grille that take energy of life cooperates the flyer type headlight with fluent line, added trifling charm to this, however the apophysis of bonnet, highlighted his power move again.

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